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Ratlam Bazar

Unlimited Products

From Laundry to Sweaters, Watches to Hard Disks, Selfie Sticks to Yoga Trainers, we got you covered.

Widest Support

Supports every Android Device above 4.0, i.e., more than 95% of the devices functional today.

Superfast Back-End

We are using the State-of-the-art SSD VPS Servers to make sure your app runs great even on slower / 2G Networks.

Cash On Delivery

We all know how hard it is to make online payments in India. Hence our every delivery will be Cash on Delivery.


A Unique feature in our app is the ability to book Carpenter, Plumber, etc. with expected time, date and message !

Ration List

Ration List is another unique feature of this app which quickly lets you write your products without having to search and add each one of them.


  • Superfast Servers

    SSD Servers helps to keep response time within 250ms, the fastest available in India

  • New Products

    All our Products are brand new and 100% Genuine.

  • Responsive support

    Works well on all mobile and tablet sizes, thanks to Responsive Design.

  • Less API Calls

    Uses local storage on your phone to minimize the number of calls to the server meaning even faster experience

  • Shopping List option

    Don't feel like searching and adding each item ? Just type your list and we'll ship it !

  • Optimized Images

    Our each image is opimized from servers so that it consumes least data and provides a better user experience

  • Backwards Compatible

    Works on every Android, even the older ones

  • Instant Price Update

    It takes less than a second for your device to recieve updated prices / info, all in real-time

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  • Latest Offers from all brands
  • Pet Food
  • Birthday Candles & decoration
  • Car Accesories
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
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